Review 2010-Part 1


2010 has just ended and I want to point some aspects with you. I don’t know what is your way of following all the activities that you have throughout the year, so I decided to share my method with you.

Taking into consideration that there are many things that someone makes during a year, it is hard that at the end of it you remember all that you have done in the past twelve months. What I use works and works great is a journal. A journal in which you write down all the activities that you do daily, relevant activities, of course. At the end of the week you should review what you have written in the journal, at the and of the month the same, then every three months if you want, then at the end of the year.

This method is extremely efficient because you don’t lose any of the important activities from your sight. Think of 100 thinks that you’ve made since you were born until now. You will see that it is very hard to remember.

After all that you have done in 2010, you should have a critical thinking over and see if your actions lead you to your purpose, to what you really want to accomplish. If something becomes unclear and things don’t go along, it is clear that the plan has to be re-launched and re-projected.

I announce you with a lot of enthusiasm and I am waiting for you at our next meeting in which we will discuss about what is indicated to do after you have revised all your 2010 objectives.


Don’t settle to less than you can be!

One of the most common tendencies of human beings is that of self restriction. From what I’ve learned, our potential is unlimited, but most of the time we think that we are doing the best we can, while this is not nearly close to our full capacity.
There are a lot of people who live under the impression that this is all that life has to give to them and there is nothing else to expect. In fact, the opportunities are right in front of them, only they’re just too busy feeling sorry for themselves and they can’t see the good things.
It is normal that when something bad happens to us, we feel unworthy of appreciation and our self esteem decreases. If you’re facing these moments, try to see the big picture. You will notice how things are not as difficult as they seem to be at first, and on the long term, they may have a smaller importance.
Someone once said that when a door closes, another door opens for you. Don’t stare at the closed door and start looking for the other one! Don’t say that it’s all over and that you’ve done everything you could! Search for new opportunities! Don’t settle to less than you can be!
Good luck! 🙂


Hello! I am very glad I came back with new information. Today is a beautiful day! We had a very busy period with a lot of activities. I faced many challenges during this period. One of them is productivity. I was involved in all sorts of activities and at some point felt like doing nothing. I realized that this occurred due to mental fatigue, as Alice said. I was motivated to do as many things, but something stopped me. I said “ Stop Cristi, something is wrong”. And I decided to relax.
The power of the will dissolves the mist. Rest is relaxing the nerves and muscles. Rest is restringing the harp of the senses, retuning the rhythmic harmonies of the spirit. Rest lets down the tension. Thinking cannot be stopped. What you have to do is to understand your mind. And don’t try to stop the thinking. This is a desire! Who will do it? The mind is fighting itself. This is not going to help you. Just watch the mind, allow it. This is freedom. It is beautiful! Watch it and enjoy it!
The mind is your flowering. Don’t force it in any way. Enjoy!

Why we haven’t been writing lately


I hope you didn’t miss us much and you will forgive our long absence. We’ve learned a lot of new things lately  and we want to share them with you 🙂

First of all, Cristi and I became members of a students’ organization named ASCIG. We’re still getting used to a busy lifestyle and a lot of new friends and aquaintances, so our blog has been a little bit neglected, but here we are again! Ready to talk to you and assist you in becoming the best persons that you can be.

The holiday season has begun, so many people start thinking about the achievements they’ve made this year. My advice is that you should take a few hours to deeply meditate about it. Write it on paper, if you feel better. What have you done this year? Is it similar to or exactly what you wanted to do? If not, think about the reasons why you didn’t achieve your goals, if you had any.

I know that many people find themselves in the New Year’s Eve feeling guilty about the fact that the last year has passed without a chance of doing something great. If this sounds familiar to you, let me tell you a little secret: the chance was always there, waiting for you to benefit from it. It was a matter of choice.

What you do with your time is your own responsibility. You cannot expect to do asolutely nothing every day and at the end of the year all your goals to be achieved. It doesn’t work this way.

A purpose can only be achieved through daily efforts and commitment. You should really keep this in mind for the next year 🙂

So, what are your expectations for the next year? How do you plan to make them reality?

PS. In fact, you don’t even need the new year to begin. You can start tomorrow 🙂


Giving & Little things

Manage your efforts

When I was in highschool, I always felt that something was missing from my life. I wanted to be busier, to have more interesting things to do, to be involved in cool projects, not only having to go to school and back home all year long. I am from a small town, so there weren’t to many places to go to or events to attend.

When I left home and went to study in Bucharest, a radical change happened. I began being overwhelmed by a huge list events, conferences, movies, theatre plays. I wanted to take part in all of them. And so I did, but the truth is that I’ve never been busier. (I would say: Take care of what you wish for: It may come true! :]] )

I wrote all the things above because I wanted to make a point by telling you to be careful what you occupy your time with. A day only has 24 hours, regardless of the exceptional time manager you are, so pay attention to what you commit yourself.

Doing a few things may create a feeling of dissatisfaction of boredom, but being involved in too many activities can really mess up you schedule and make you feel exhausted.

Manage your efforts. Do not commit to a lot of things at once if they involve a lot of time and effort, because you will not be able to be there all the time and you will seem disrespectful. And the main thing is: don’t forget to rest and relax. Even if you’re doing something you are very passionate about, you’re still human and hence, sleep is an important request for you to function.

Be productive, creative and rested. It is the best secret for success. Good luck!


Most of the times, we change things that we’re not content with in our lives. We see change as radical, when it should be seen as an evolution, a gradual transformation and improvement to something better.

Reaching a new level of development shouldn’t be a problem that we don’t know how to overcome or a painful process. It should fill us up with energy, inspiration and creativity.

But why isn’t this happening?

I think that the reason we’ve come to this is our tendency to see an obstacle in everything.

When we face something more difficult than what we usually encounter, our brains immediately transform it into a problem. In fact, it is just an opportunity and a challenge that may lead us to a further advancement. But because we see it as being a problem we cannot get over it.

One of the motivational speakers I admire the most, Wayne Dyer says the following:

“Change the way to look at things, and the things you look at change”. It is true. Stop feeling bad for yourself for not doing what you want to do. Just take actions. Dare to live the life you always dreamed of. It is so simple. Set your goals and work hard to achieve them. Remember that problems do not exists. There are only facts. Accept them or change them. It’s your choice.